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Who can benefit from psychotherapy?

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Psychotherapy can help those who:


  • Feel anxious and unable to cope with the burdens of life 

  • Experience an underlying sense of sadness or dissatisfaction 

  • Possess a lack confidence or feel they are not adequately fulfilling their potential 

  • Experience difficulty making or sustaining relationships or who are repeatedly drawn into unhappy partnerships 

  • Find it hard to come to terms with a life change such as bereavement, divorce or job loss 

  • Express emotional problems through physical symptoms 

Psychotherapy has been repeatedly clinically demonstrated to be of benefit for most people in most situations.


Benefits following a course of psychotherapy treatment might include:

  • The lifting of a depression

  • No longer feeling afraid or angry or anxious

  • A significant lessening of distress, depression or anxiety

  • Better able to cope with social or family relationships, and so receive more satisfaction from them

  • You may better understand your personal goals and values and thus enabling you to grow and mature as a person

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