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Grief and Loss

We all face loss, and cannot avoid doing so, but even though this experience is universal, each of us deals with it in a unique way.


One of the most common reactions to a loss is that we experience a number of emotions, some of which are conflicting and confusing.  You can feel angry, resentful, scared, empty, pained, and overwhelmed. 


Our lives are stories that are populated with familiar characters, faces, and scenes.  When we are forced to deal with loss, it feels as though a chapter is closed, never to be reopened.  However, we know that sometimes the feelings of bereavement can become so intense or so debilitating that we wonder how we will ever recover, how we will ever begin a new chapter. That is where therapy can make all the difference.


We know from thousands of years of human experience that the grieving process is an important one.  But sometimes we get stuck, as though the pain will never subside.  Sometimes we feel like we have not had a chance to participate in it at all, maybe because we feel like we have been asked to “be strong” for everyone else.


In either case, something remains unresolved in ourselves that can impact us for years to come.  Having the guiding hand of a therapist there with you during your process can be the key element to making sure you take the time you need to grieve, without being completely overwhelmed.


We offer a caring, understanding, experienced, and gentle presence that can support you through one of the most wrenching changes you may ever face.  We know how to help you get to the other side of grief, while honoring and carrying valued memories into your future.

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